Our Vision


Satan has worked very hard for generations to destroy the people of Venezuela.  He has used sorcery, witchcraft, corruption, violence and deception to promote an environment of fear, hopelessness and despair.  The hardline, leftist governments of the last 16 years have forced out many Christian organizations and greatly reduced the number of foreign missionaries.  Reputable sources report that 5-10% of the population are Evangelical Christians, but most people have still not heard about Jesus Christ.  A destroyed economy, the world'€™s highest inflation and scarcity of almost every basic necessity makes it very difficult for Venezuelan churches to send and support local missionaries.  Delia & I have been serving in Venezuela since 2011 and we believe the Lord has given us a role to play in the rescue of this nation.  Oh, and it involves many of you also.

In late 2013 we began to feel that God wanted us to help prepare teams of Venezuelan missionaries to support themselves and their ministries.  We had no idea where to begin, but we believed and God orchestrated what seemed impossible.

On April 27, 2015, we brought a team of select Venezuelan missionaries to Texas and for 6 months they received training in dairy cow and poultry farming, beekeeping, water-well drilling, organic gardening, food preservation and fermentation, molasses production, sewing, team-building and other skills necessary for survival.  On October 19th, 2015, having finished their training, the team returned home to the Island of Margarita in Venezuela.  Their names are Francelis, Delia, Esteban, Luis, Kenia, Jose Angel, Jose (Cheo), Luis Enrique, Yorguan, Diana & Celiannys.  In the group are pastors, agricultural and civil engineers, teachers, college students and 2 children.  The adults are all trained, experienced missionaries.   Your support made this possible.

In early 2016 the team will begin to teach other volunteer missionaries the survival techniques learned in Texas.  Imagine a type of “Christian-Marine”, formed into teams and inserted into “enemy” territory.

The plan:

1.     Move a team into an unchurched area and establish a permanent, self-sustaining Christian community, much like an old-fashion farm, producing most of their own food and water.

2.     Build relationships with the neighboring community and begin to teach the people how to produce food, water and income.

3.     Share Christ in the process, make new disciples, teach sound doctrine and build new church groups. 

The map shows over 30 locations in Venezuela where we would like to plant a missionary team over the next 7-10 years.  As in every God-sized vision, there are challenges and unknowns.  The immediate need is to equip our training team with the tools, equipment and animals they need so they can begin to train other teams.  We feel that God will use these teams to saturate the country with Truth and Light, pushing out the darkness and accompanying chaos. 

We have designed a Gifts of Love Catalog that lists the items needed to get started and provides a way you can be involved in this rescue mission.  You may find this catalog online at www.sameboatministries.com.  Please contact us at 361-445-2951 or sbm@sbmven.org with questions/comments or if you would like us to mail you a catalog.